The Cypress Group
What We Do

The Cypress Group provides retained executive job search services in the placements of
key wine industry positions including:

CEO   •   President  •  General Manager  •  Vice President  •  Director

We specialize in placing world-class talent in:

General Management

Winemaking and Operations



Direct to Consumer


Human Resources

The Cypress Group
The Process

The Cypress Group’s strategic and customized approach to wine industry recruiting services is one of our most important points of differentiation.

1. Kick-Off Meeting

In the first meeting, The Cypress Group dedicates considerable time to connecting with you and your key people to understand your company – its history, objectives, points of differentiation and culture – and to ascertain the skills and attributes that will make an executive successful within both the role and your organization.

2. A Winning Position Profile

From the information gathered in the initial meeting, The Cypress Group develops the position profile – the cornerstone of an effective wine industry recruiting search. The profile presents a compelling, in depth overview of your brand and company, the opportunity, roles, responsibilities, requirements and attributes necessary for internal and external success.

3. Research & Search

In this phase, The Cypress Group’s wine industry recruiting services include extensive original research through the internet, external and internal databases, as well as key industry contacts including winery owners and executives, bankers, suppliers, distributors, trade organizations, associations, consultants and referrals. We screen all potential candidates to determine level of interest as well as qualifications before selecting a group of the best qualified and conducting initial face-to-face interviews with a Cypress Group partner.

4. Candidate Introduction

Based on the results of the initial interviews conducted by The Cypress Group, a panel of the most qualified candidates is selected for the initial round of client team interviews.

5. Referencing Checking

When the final candidates have been identified, The Cypress Group conducts thorough reference checks to gain additional insights and further qualify a candidate’s suitability for the position responsibilities and company culture.

6. Selecting the Strongest Candidate

As a neutral expert, we put our wine industry recruiting services to work assisting you with the process of balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. In partnership with you, we distill all relevant information to ensure you are selecting the strongest candidate. At the same time, we maintain constant communication with the final candidates, identifying any potential barriers to acceptance of an offer.

7. Offer & Negotiation

We fully understand the candidate’s motivations and commitment to the opportunity. We work closely with you to craft a compelling offer and maintain consistent and continual dialogue with all parties.

8. New Hire Transition

Through expert communications, The Cypress Group manages the process to a smooth and seamless transition, avoiding unexpected surprises in the candidate’s move to and integration into your company.

For a company information kit including complete details on our search process, please contact us at 707.963.4674 or email [email protected].